See results now. Infor ERP SX.enterprise is a complete supply chain solution that is helping distributors worldwide strengthen their performance and drive strategic expansion. With all the functionality needed to manage complex distribution business models, SX.enterprise is easy to implement, easy to use, and helps customers dramatically lower the total cost of their IT infrastructure. Soon after implementing SX.enterprise, customers report significant bottom-line operational and financial benefits, including:

  • 2% increase in gross profit
  • More than $300K savings in the first six months
  • 65% reduction in receiving errors
  • 300% improvement in pick efficiency
  • 99.9% inventory accuracy
  • 50% increase in warehouse volume with no decline in service levels
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Total Warehouse Logistics

Total Warehouse Logistics (TWL) improves warehouse productivity and accuracy. The system addresses warehouse workflow, including product movement, receiving, shipping, picking, and counting. These warehouse tasks are managed in a real-time environment supported through Radio Frequency (RF) Data Collection devices that are carried by workers in the warehouse.

TWL frees warehouse operators to manage resources without concerns about system impact. Each warehouse can function with its own parameters, data, and rules. While a warehouse maintains warehouse-level data, the Infor enterprise-level system provides a complete picture of total operations, including the ability to see product levels by warehouse location and status of orders throughout the system. Within the warehouse, the locator functions as the heart of the system, tracking all products to the location level. The locator works with other parts of the system to not only track item location, but also to determine where an item should be stored and from where it should be picked.

eCommerce Storefront

If you don't have a web presence, you're missing out on business opportunities. Consumers have come to expect that they can find products and information online, at their convenience. So, you have a web site, you're all set. Or are you? It's not enough to just have a catalog online anymore, customers expect the web sites they visit to do more for them. Infor eCommerce Storefront provides a state-of the-art web interface, designed to provide a superior shopping experience for both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) web sites. Featuring a robust catalog with an advanced search, order entry and tracking capabilities, and account maintenance, it has all the features you would expect. It also has a host of customer personalization features—such as, custom shopping lists and wish lists—that help make each user feel like your web site is working for them and that your business is meeting their needs.
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Interactive I-Reporting

In business, most every report creates questions. You see a Dollar value and want to know what comprises it. You see a quantity and want to compare it to a historical value. You see a transaction and want to know if it represents a trend. I-Reporting is a Windows-based reporting and analysis tool and a series of reports that allow you to interact with the information on the report. You can change formats, build summaries, drill to detail, set data filters, add spotlights, and create graphs, charts, and gauges . You can even build completely new reports from a standard report or by starting from scratch. I-Reporting is unbelievably simple and easy to use. You don't need an IT staff or a prolonged training process. You just open a report and start to interact. Standard I-Reports drive into every key area of you business - Sales, Operations, Accounting, and Logistics.

Document Management

Document Management is a suite of modules designed to allow customers to reduce the amount of paper they must store while increasing customer service and general business management efficiency. Archiving while printing is an intuitive method of capturing document printing as your application produces reports/forms, eliminating the time-consuming scanning of documents as required by many document management applications. The Image Manager tool can automate document identification via barcode or OCR recognition, and automate storage in your 'libraries' with little manual effort. Archives use fully formatted PDF files, and access to these documents is provided by a powerful, zero-install Web Browser-based interface and hyperlinks from your SX.enterprise system. Let us show you how to realize a quick and substantial return on investment while minimizing the paperwork across your enterprise.